Wedding from Scratch, Marriage from Love

Jan 18 2011

Can you imagine missing a big detail in your wedding?

Look at the pictures. Do you see anything missing?

There are no flowers!

We never expected something so big to go wrong, but it happened to us.

We hired Flush Floral (San Francisco) to provide the flowers for our wedding. Months prior to our wedding, we had everything mapped out and it seemed like we were set.

A week prior, we stopped by the shop to drop off the vases for the centerpieces (we were providing them). When we got there, they were scrambling to put together the pieces for an event that afternoon. Earlier, they said they had to be out of the shop by 12 noon to deliver the arrangements, so we had to get to the shop before they had to leave. At 11:30am, when we stopped by, they were running around trying to quickly put everything together.

When we left the shop, my husband made a comment to me about how “scary” that was — the fact that they were putting all of the arrangements together for, as they said, “a big event” at the last minute.

We brushed it off and focused on the last minute stuff for our wedding.

The day of our wedding, I get a call from the florist at approximately 2:30 pm. Yes. They called ME (not my wedding planner) an hour-and-a-half prior to the start of our wedding. They told me that they’re running late, but they’ll be there soon — with plenty of time to set up for the ceremony.

(side note: they called me while I was in the middle of writing in the card I was going to give my husband that day. Totally ruined my train of thought.)

So later, waiting in the room waiting to walk down the aisle, I wonder, “why don’t I have my bouquet?”  I told myself to let it go. Someone would probably hand it to me before I walked down the aisle.

Everyone was called out of the room except for me. I heard “Ribbon in the Sky” begin playing. Our wedding was beginning.

I sat in the empty room accompanied by my thoughts. I began to feel really emotional. As I talked myself out of crying, I heard the wedding planner call for me: “Claire! It’s time!”

I walked toward the terrace.

"Where’s my bouquet?" I asked the planner.

"The florist didn’t show up," she said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

As I turned the corner and saw the doorway leading to the terrace, I kept on repeating in my head, “Oh my god. I don’t have a bouquet. The guys don’t have their boutonniers. My girls don’t have bouquets. Oh my god.”

The thought snapped me out of that emotional world I was in just moments before.

I walked out onto the terrace, looked up, and saw my husband. It was then I let go of those flowers. I saw him with all that emotion and all I could do is smile because I was so happy.

According to the hotel’s security logs, the florist arrived at 4:20pm. Our ceremony started at 4:00pm.

People told me that they thought we didn’t have flowers on purpose. I’m the type of person that would do that, so no one thought twice about it. Someone even went up to me before I told this story and said, “I thought it was so awesome how you walked down the aisle without a bouquet. The focus was entirely on you. It was a striking image.”

Despite missing such a traditional part of a wedding, our ceremony was still absolutely beautiful because when it comes down to it, it’s not about those little details, it’s about the two people getting married.


I waited so long to tell this story because we were trying to get our money back from the florist.

After our wedding, we were calling the florist numerous times every day to no avail. The didn’t answer or return any of our calls. My husband blocked his number once and called the owner’s cell phone and she answered. When he asked her if she was the owner, she said yes. Once he revealed who he was, she said, “Oh, this isn’t M***. This is her roommate. She’s not here.”

Umm, it was her cell phone.

We emailed, nothing. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, and again, Flush Floral didn’t respond (which negatively impacts their BBB rating). We stopped by during their business hours, no one was there.

Luckily, we filed a claim with our bank and we got our money back. Today, I received a notice that the case is closed and that’s why I’m finally sharing this story.

So do not do business with Flush Floral. Learn from my mistake.

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  1. telletale said: WOW! i would have been devastated! I just got married 7 months ago…congrats to you by the way! Do you have a account on project wedding or weddingsbycolor? If should do a review for them on there. oh..i’m from the Bay Area too =) heehee
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